3 Must have Basketball Books for any player to become Elite in 2022

For any player trying to take their game to the next level, they understand they constantly need to seek out an edge to stay in front of the competition. My coach use to say you can tell the difference between the ok players, the good players and the phenomenal players by their work ethic. Today, you cannot simply work hard to differentiate yourself because training has completely changed the way the game is played. You also need to smart train! That is why most decent players trust social media outlets like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube videos for “smart” training tips and might sign up for local camps from time to time. The great players look for private sessions with local skills trainers and midlevel yet affordable programs. The Elite players are working out with other elite talent, training with elite coaches and/or trainers and are in top-notch programs.

So, if you find yourself unable to afford a great trainer or program, what can you do to stay relevant? Unbelievably, there are still a ton of underused resources that can help give players an advantage which NO ONE realizes are available! That is Books! Yes, training books provide deep analysis and breakdown that helps a player take their game to another level. They provide insight from top level coaches and trainers who created material to share with other coaches and trainers. And you can take advantage. Below is a list of the best available basketball books for players to become Elite in 2022:


1: The New Era of Basketball Training: The Secrets of Groundbreaking Player Transformation

This is the only basketball training book that breaks down player movement to such a detailed level using innovative biomechanical concepts. It also covers other workout plans such as vertical jump, dieting, mental training, weightlifting, and brand-new concepts to becoming an elite offensive player and defensive player. It includes literally every question a player would need to ask and more. There was a ton of research and development given to make this “player journey” clear-cut for any level. Hands down the best book you can purchase to take your game to the next level.


2: Lessons From the Legends: Basketball Offense Sourcebook

This book breaks down team drills and plays from some of the greatest offensive minded coaches of all time. It takes the best offensive plays from over 34 coaches. This is a great book for anyone trying to improve their IQ, learn the Ins & Outs of plays, and understanding the minds of some of the early pioneers of basketball offense.


3: NBA Coaches Playbook

This book picks the mind of 28 current and former head coaches from the NBA. It breaks down a lot of fundamental concepts that really lays out the lingo of NBA coaches and how they perceive information, which will help any player understand how to get into the mindset of elite coaches and players. It has an encyclopedia of knowledge to share with any player looking to gap fill their basketball IQ.